Miniature Books
Miniature Books

Our inaugural competition for miniature books resulted in the ones seen here. There was a nice range of styles and techniques, with the largest being 65mm x 52mm and the smallest was a mere 20mm x 20mm.

Clockwise from the top right, this was bound on cords with a leather spine and wooden boards, with hand sewn headbands. A very nice little book, and very robust.

Next was a small pamphlet style with cloth spine and paper boards. Third was the small book described in a previous article. It was leather bound, sewn on tapes and over 120 pages in a package that was only 8mm thick.

A Japanese haiku poem book with approximately 50 pages, made in a concertina style. Cloth covers and closed with a small band. Top left is a book and slip case. The case looks like a matchbox, but in fact is made completely from scratch. The cover of the case is printed silk. The book is 8 sewn sections, with a buckram cover.

Finally, the smallest of them all was a sewn book with leather cover. It has over 30 sections, and is almost a perfect cube.

This competition was a lot of fun, and it is hoped that it will generate plenty of interest in the next one.