Miniature Books

Miniature Book
Miniature Book

This small book does not look like much at first glance, but the statistics are impressive. Overall it is only 40mm x 30mm, and 8mm thick. It is bound in red leather, and opens perfectly flat. It is bound on tapes, and has 120 sheets of paper. Each sheet is less than 0.05mm thick.

The pages consist of 60 sheets folded in half, and then stitched into 10 sections of six sheets each. Overall, that means 240 pages that can be written on. The story and images here might inspire you to try your own miniatures.

Compared with Utensils

The detail in this book is amazing, and yet it is only the first such book attempted by the maker. The photo shows how big it is, or rather, how small it is. The larger red square is a napkin.

Piercing the Holes

When making a book this small, lots of small jigs, guides or tools need to be made, and the various processes thought through. Here is the guides for punching the holes for the thread. There are two tapes, and two kettle stitch holes. The card on the left sits under the paper, and prevents the awl from tearing out the back of the very flimsy paper.

Block Being Prepared

Here a small hammer is used to flatten the back of the block.

Book Block with Tapes

Once sewed together, the block needs trimming. This is also not an easy task.

Preparing the Case

The case is made from 1mm thick card, and red leather. The leather is pared down around all the edges to make sure it is not too thick to fold properly.