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Gold Blocking

Gold blocking presses

The March meeting discussion and demonstration was on the use of gold blocking machines to provide the finishing touches to a book.

Marbling Edges

Marbled edges on a finished book and a block ready for casing

As with many crafts, it is the little things that make the difference. There are often aspects of a craft that the beginner overlooks that the professional does out of habit.

Find a Good Book

As ironic as it may sound, one of the best sources of good ideas and techniques is in the many books on bookbinding.

Joining Threads

When stitching book sections together it is not uncommon to have a piece of thread that is too short to complete the job. If this is the case, then you need to join another length to the first.

Nicely Bound Bible

The February meeting saw a good turnout and a range of books that had either been bound, or were ready for re-binding.

Paring Leather

The January meeting had member David Millhouse demonstrate to all how to pare leather. (This is also known as skiving leather).

National Machinery Rally, Fairbridge

The National Historic Machinery Association’s bi-annual machinery rally was held in Western Australia for the first time in a very long time. This was in August of 2011.