What A Year!

Refurbished Hot Foil Stamper
Refurbished Hot Foil Stamper

Well 2020 is certainly going to go down as one of the weirdest years ever. Obviously we are not yet done with it, but a sembalance of rationality is starting to appear. We have been very quiet for a while now, but are looking forward to starting meetings again and starting new courses with new people.

A new schedule of courses will be out for the remainder of the year, as well as all our meeting dates. Unfortuntaely the majority of our external functions such as the annual Wood and Craft Show have been cancelled. Still, it gives us plenty of time to catch up on our binding and to be prepared for a bumper year next year.

The photo is of my recently acquired and refurbished hot foil stamper, together with a custom made box to store all the bits and pieces necessary for its useful operation.

I hope that the enforced break has given you all lots of new ideas, and for those that are new to bookbinding, I hope we see many new faces at both our regular meetings and our courses.