Recycled Binding

Binding using recycled materials

When TATHS member Brian sent us this description of a recent binding he undertook, it was too good a story to not share with everyone.

I have attached a copy of one of my latest bindings. I call it a "recycled binding". Most of my binding is repair/restoration but I felt like being original for once. It was a set of publisher's off prints, already machine sewn but never cased, that I acquired at a binders meeting last year. I inserted two tapes under the original stitching and laced them into thin boards.

The leather came from an old handbag of my wife's, the stitch-lines act as blind tooling and the red motif on the front is where the clasp was. (I enlarged the slits slightly and glued a coloured patch underneath before attaching the leather). The cream side panels were actually part of a disposable paper place mat from a railway dining car - the "gold" dots were actually printed on to it. I glued the place mat to a piece of thin card and pasted it to the board to strengthen it. The card was just the right thickness to avoid the need to pare the leather. I ploughed the edges, then rubbed acrylic red artists paint onto the surface as edge decoration.

I cheated on the spine labelling, it is a reverse image print out from my computer that I carefully stuck on. The overall effect is rather different fom most of the books on my shelves, without being glaringly different.