New Courses For 2018

Box Making Workshop
Box Making Workshop

After offering the same range of workshops for a number of years now we have decided to offer a bit of variety for 2018. We still have the beginners, intermediate and advanced ones as before, but we have also introduced a Coptic Binding workshop and a Bradel Binding workshop. Whilst the members have already snapped up a number of the places on these two, there are still a few spots left.

The box making workshop has proved very popular over the years also, and so in addition to that one, we have now introduced a Boxes 2 workshop, which provides an opportunity to learn a new set of techniques to those of the boxes one. Both these have already filled up for this year, but if you are interested, wait list. You never know. It also gives us an idea of how popular these are, so that we know if we need to add more, or look for ways of allowing more people to undertake them.

Unfortunately, with these new workshops, something had to give, so the Introduction to Finishing event will not be held this year.

We have also moved more of our workshops to weekends from the usual Monday nights. The feedback on this has been very positive, and our weekend venue of the Roleystone Family Centre has allowed us to fit more people in, as well as offering fantastic facilities, easy parking and a great experience.

This year only the two Beginners workshops will be done in the evenings in Como. All others are weekends in Roleystone. We are also introducing a new instructor, which is absolutely fantastic.

We are looking forward to seeing you on our workshops throughout the year.