Boyanup Traditional Trades Day 2019

Production of Small Books
Production of Small Books

For the past few years we have been attending the Boyanup Traditional Trades Day which is a great way to get out of the city and see things from the country town perspective. We have also been thinking of interesting ways to show off what a great hobby bookbinding can be, and in particular how to get younger people interested in making their own books. This not only encourages the long tradition of self sufficiency that is a very Australian trait, but also fosters reading and writing skills.

This year, starting with the Boyanup show, we will be giving away small notebooks that we will be able to customise with gold lettering using a Kingsley Gold Foil Stamper. Once hot, changing the initials or first name takes just a few minutes, and a new personalised book is ready to hand over. Each book is about 100mm x 70mm, and has four sections. It is an unsupported hardback construction. We have recently received a kind donation of many rolls of different Chelsea cloths, and have taken advantage of this to produce them in a range of about 10 different colours.

The preparation for this takes some work, but it is another way to practice bookbinding skills, and at the same time promotes the development of  templates, guides and jigs that allow for the quick production of many books.

Catch us at the Boyanup Traditional Trades Day on Sunday 28th April.