Box Making Course

Solander Box from Box Making Course
Solander Box from Box Making Course

Our inaugural box making course is coming to a close. It has been an interesting time for all concerned, with some tweaking required before we do it again. However, the attendees all seem to have enjoyed themselves, with one more night to go.

One of the Guild members completed this Solander style box at home. The box is very well done, with a covering of a highly textured paper which made it hard to fold around tight corners, and played havoc with the hinges and the clearances. However the result is a box to be proud of. The photo does not really do it justice.

Attendees made a simple box and lid, and then a Solander box. This second one was made from double thicknesses of board, approximately 5mm thick. It creates a very strong box, but really pushes the boundaries of knife skills. It is very difficult to cut without cutting at an angle, and it takes a lot of work to cut through that much material. However, these are part of the skills required for doing good, strong book boxes.

We will be running another box making course next year.