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Coptic Course

Working On A Coptic Binding

We introduced a two day course on Coptic binding this year.

New Courses For 2018

Box Making Workshop

After offering the same range of workshops for a number of years now we have decided to offer a bit of variety for 2018.

2017 Miniatures

Miniature with Jaberwocky

Our small comeptition for miniatures was held again this year. As always, some very interesting examples. The smallest book was one that was approximately 20mmm high by 15mm wide.

Canberra Bookbinding Conference, 2017

Books From The National Library

Two of us recently attended the Bookbinding Conference in Canberra. This was a very good event and one that attracted an excellent group of speakers, both from Canberra and internationally.

Welcome to 2017

Bookbinding in Roleystone

A new year and lots of events and workshops planned for the year.

South Perth Open Day

Setting Up At South Perth

We were invited to participate in the annual South Perth Arts and Crafts Society open day, as they manage the buildings that we operate from.

Miniature Books

Winning Miniatures

Last year we introduced some small competitions into the monthly meetings. We had a couple in 2015 and have now had the second for 2016.

The Compactus Book

Compactus Book Talk

We had an excellent presentation from a conservator at the State Library at our most recent meeting.

September Weekend Workshop

Weekend Workshop

Last year we re-introduced the weekend workshop for beginners, after many years of courses only in the evenings. The workshop was held in Roleystone, and the facilities were excellent.

New Committee for 2016

Guild Meeting

The Guild is very pleased to announce two new members to the Committee after health issues meant that two members were unable to re-nominate.